We are offering a Hunter Education class to you or your kids at TRVCC Dayton.  Wyoming law states:  Under the provisions of Section 23-2-106 of Wyoming statues(a) Except as provided in subsection (c)of this section, no person born on or after January 1, 1966, may take any wildlife by the use of firearms on land other than that of his own family, unless the person possesses or can demonstrate they have obtained a certificate of competency and safety in the use and handling of firearms as provided by subsection (b)of this section.

Recommended age for this class is 11 and up, under 11 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Dates will be Thursday, May 17, 6:00-9:00, Friday, May 18, 6:00-9:00, and Saturday, May 19, 8:00-2:00.

All classes will be held at TRVCC Dayton,

Cost of class is $10.00, class size will be limited to 15.

This class will not have a live firing opportunity.  Registration for the class will need to be done online at the Wyoming Game and Fish website, wgfd.wyo.gov.