On Fridays, TRVCC offers day long camps that encourage learning and activity! All camps are assigned a theme that focuses on S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.) related learning and play.

Where: TRVCC Dayton

When: Fridays, from 9a-4p

Cost: $10/ child – members, $15/child – non-members

Scholarships are available. Please contact Erin at TRVCC Dayton.

**Space is limited, payment is expected at the time of registration. You can register HERE or at either center. Please call 307-655-9419 if you have questions.

January 11 – Goals and Resolutions. Grades 2-5. We are looking for 2nd-5th Graders that want to be active, have fun and create goals!!! We will be using our climbing wall for some of the activities and goal setting!! Camp is from 9:00-4:00 with numerous activities, and crafts planned!

January 18 – Storytelling – Grades 1-3. Learn about storytelling, making your own story, how to express yourself through stories, and we will act out a story……..plus ice skating at the M & M’s Center in Sheridan!

January 25 – Escape/Exit room activity – Grades 3-5. Can you solve the puzzles to make your escape?  Ice skating in the morning and an escape puzzle in the afternoon!

February 1 – Cross Country Skiing – Grades 3-5. We’re going Cross Country Skiing on the Bighorns!   We will be skiing at a pace for all levels, so if you’ve never tried it, here is your chance.

February 8 – Healthy Kids Day – Grades 1-5. What is a healthy snack?  Is there a wrong way to brush your teeth?  Why is cardio exercise important? What are some fun exercises?  We will answer these questions and many more during Healthy Kids Day, and even get to try out some of the exercises!

February 22 – Sports and Recreation – Grades 1-3. Why are Sports and Recreation important to you?  What are your favorite sports?  This camp will be a very active camp, with the climbing wall, games in the gym, and a surprise field trip……

3/1-Dr Seuss Day- Grades 1&2-Congratulations! Friday is your day.  You’re off to the Community Center!  You’re off and away!  You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself, any direction you choose!  Join us as we celebrate Dr Seuss!

3/8- Women’s Day-Grades 3-5. It’s International Women’s Day, so join us as we celebrate Women in History.  Did you know Dayton had the first woman Mayor in Wyoming?

3/15- Spring Equinox- The days are getting longer and the sun is out!   Let’s celebrate the Sun!  How do plants and animals know it is a time of renewal and growth if they don’t have calendars and clocks?

April 5- YMCA Trip- Grades K-2.  Let’s celebrate community!   We will perform some community service in the morning and head to the YMCA for Playland and swimming in the afternoon.

April 12 Animal Stewardship- Grades 3-5.  Join us as we focus on our furry friends and how we can bring as much joy to them as they bring to us.  A field trip to the Dog and Cat Shelter is planned for this FEC.

April 19 Easter-Grades 1 & 2.   We will celebrate the origins, traditions, and myths of Easter, along with Easter activities and crafts.

April 26 Arbor Day-Grades 3-5.  We’ll learn about the benefits of trees, including their uses and products.  A visit to Landon’s is in order, and we may even plant a tree!!

May 3 Cinco de Mayo Celebration- Grades 1-3.  We’ll learn about different cultural celebrations, and wrap it up with a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

May 10 Zoo Montana-Grades 3-5.  We are headed to Zoo Montana to check out the wildlife!

May 17 Gardening-Grades 1-3.  We will get some work in at the garden, and explore the different reasons to have a garden.

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