Lacie here, the Valley Fitness Challenge Leader. I am so excited to do the Valley Fitness Challenge again this year. We are changing up the competition though. Like last year, we will run the majority of this competition thru Facebook and email. If you don’t have a Facebook account, that’s OK! We will be sending out weekly emails also.

This year we have an individual points based competition incorporating fitness and nutrition. Individuals can earn points throughout the challenge by completing the weekly goals set up within the challenge. You are able to earn extra points, the more active in the group you are. This means posting pictures of completed steps, squats, planks, meals, etc. I want to see sweaty faces! Delicious healthy meals! And most of all – encouragement of others to be active and healthy with you. I will be posting/emailing out weekly videos to further explain the challenge for the week.

The challenge starts 1/6/2020 and you can register thru 1/10/2020!

Week 1 – Move your body challenge. 30 active minutes per day will earn you one point. Posting a picture of you doing such activity will earn you one extra point/activity.

Week 2 – Hydrate your body. Earn points by logging and providing proof that you are hitting water intake. Submit food logs, and post pictures of healthy meals and recipes for an extra point.

Week 3 – Eat Well & Sleep Well challenge. Bonus points for health meals shared and recipes for others to try. This week we try hard to get adequate sleep to see how we feel at the end of the week.

Week 4 – Plank Challenge. We start with one minute and end with three Videos will get extra bonus points!

Week 5 – Steps and Squats. You will set a step goal and stick to it. Meet it every day this week. Also, everyone can squat. We will start with 30 and increase by 10 each day.

Week 6 – Virtual 5k. You can run, walk or jog…but this week we are going the distance! This week we will also submit final results for inches  and pounds lost, and best transformation.

You will submit your points at the end of the week. At the end of the challenge, winners will be chosen and announced.

Prizes: Include a year membership to TRVCC, a wearable fitness tracker, TRVCC Gear and water bottles.

If you have questions or concerns, place contact me.

[email protected] or call the center and leave me a message.