The future is bright for the Tongue River Valley Community Center and the families it serves. Vision for the Valley campaign gifts toward property, equipment, improvements, and the endowment fund already total $5,070,900.

Because of the Tongue River Valley’s relatively small population, membership fees alone will not be enough to sustain a robust program offering and maintain facilities. For that reason, an endowment fund has been created to ensure that the Center remains financially stable in future years. An endowment is an investment fund set up to create an ongoing source of income for the Center. When donors contribute to the TRVCC, they may specify whether they would like those funds to go to construction or to the endowment fund.

Generous contributions from major donors, grants from foundations, and support from the Wyoming Business Council have helped us to take a huge leap forward in realizing the goal of successful operation of facilities in both Ranchester and Dayton.

While the TRVCC Board and staff continue to seek grant funding and other large contributions, your help is still needed!

Many granting foundations and other major donors want to see strong grass-roots community support for the TRVCC before contributing, or as match to contributions. We all place a greater value on those things we personally contribute toward, and the Community Center is no exception.

If we invest as individuals and as families, we invest in the future health and vitality of our communities.