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Ranchester Center:
411 US Highway 14
Ranchester, WY 82839

Dayton Center:
1100 US Highway 14
Dayton, WY 82836

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P.O. Box 792
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With the economy the way it is, I can’t give much. Will my small gift make a difference?

Even the smallest gifts will help your Community Center to be successful. If every household in the Tongue River Valley gave just $10 per month over the next three years on average, the grass-roots portion of the overall campaign would be complete. That’s the average cost of one fast-food meal, once a month. Of course, some can give less and some can give more, but every gift makes a difference!

I thought the TRVCC had enough to complete construction in Dayton. Why does more money need to be raised?

A significant portion of the dollars contributed to the Community Center to date have been restricted by the donors to build the Center’s endowment fund toward continued fiscal stability. A portion of the funds needed for construction still need to be raised.

What are my options for contributing? Can I set up an automatic bank draft for my contributions?

If at all possible, we are asking you to consider pledging your support to the TRVCC for a period of three years. You may choose to tier your contributions; for example, you may choose to give $10 per month in the first year, $12 per month in the second year, and $15 per month in the third year.

There are many different ways in which you may choose to structure your contributions. Contributions may be paid on a monthly or annual basis using a variety of methods, including:

  • Cash or check
  • Bank ACH transfer
  • PayPal (credit card or bank account option)

Will the Ranchester location of the TRVCC close when the new Center opens at the old high school site in Dayton?

The Ranchester location was originally intended to serve as a temporary facility until the Dayton facility could be completed. In the years since the temporary facility opened, however, its use by members of the Ranchester community has grown beyond that which was originally projected. The after-school program serves nearly 90 kids each year, the weight room is consistently used to capacity, and use by seniors for cards and other socialization continues to grow. During a series of recent community listening sessions about the TRVCC and its future, both the Ranchester and Dayton communities expressed broad-based support for keeping the TRVCC operating in both locations.

The TRVCC Board of Directors is dedicated to maintaining services in both communities, and it is the goal of this endowment and capital campaign to raise enough funds to successfully maintain and operate both facilities. Should this campaign fall short of its goals, or should the economic realities of utility costs or investment earnings fall outside of current projections, the Board could face some tough decisions about continuing to operate two facilities.

By pulling together, we can ensure that our children continue to have a place to go after school, that our elders have an opportunity to socialize and remain active, and that our communities continue to thrive and grow.